Hi, I'm Abbiey. I'm now your friend in New York. Obsessing over a vanilla deodorant wearing dork.
I'm an asexual biromantic person.

Ryden exists

My entire life was leading up to Patrick Stump doing the hip thing at Momentour during Sugar We're Goin Down

Panic! At The Disco,
Fall Out Boy,
My Chemical Romance,
The Academy Is...,
I'm doing that describe yourself thing you reblogged because I want to. But, uh, anyway Shortish Sixteen Brunette Blue eyes And I like Ryan Ross and Ryden and cuddling and the snow and I'm kinda socially awkward but yeah So that's it Ily btw

Well I like all those things too and yes I would date you. And I’m socially awkward too, but it gets better don’t worry 


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hm.. i need to follow more blogs sO prepare for a really odd and end list of things i want to see more of bc i have like 5 blogs i maintain oops

so reblog if your blog consists of:

  • plants/pastel/cute things/etc
  • achievement hunter/roosterteeth
  • mcr/fob/panic!/msi
  • marvel anything
  • actually anything. just reblog.
What would your ideal date be?

Probably just staying at my house and snuggle, listen to music or watch Disney movies together, maybe walk into town.

Either that or we could go to the mall and act like idiots together. It depends on the person. 

I think as long as you enjoy each other, it can be fun. 

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